Scope of project: Conceptualize merchandise design sales pitch for Sony Records. Recording Artist: Michael Jackson - Circa 2014
The biggest complication with the Xscape album release for Sony was that there were no current, full-body images at that time due to the artist's passing. I introduced the idea of digitally creating a body in order to have more printable asset options to my Creative Director. The final concepts were an immediate hit with Sony execs, but unfortunately, the project fell flat with the curatorship of the Jackson estate and the idea was scrapped.
Album single layout design for Grammy-winning recording artist, Toni Braxton - Circa 1996
Sample promotional asset submission created for Coke's 2014 FIFA World Cup event.
Final enhanced asset was created using an image submitted by Coke's creative team.
Pseudo comic cover created and featured in OutKast's 'Elevators' video. Science team characters featured in video were recreated by the production team to resemble comic book's cover.
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Creative print collateral, brochures, banners and logo redesigns.
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Vince Robinson
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