Scope of project: Concept creation of custom watch design for a local entrepreneur's luxury brand jewelry. Tools: Photoshop/Illustrator.
Finished product for one of the company's signature pieces.
Product sample rendered using Cinema 4D.
Sample 2 alternate 3D rendering of final watch design.
Scope of project: Create an album package design for Grammy winning recording artist, Ceelo Green for first solo album. - Circa 2004
While discussing ideas for the album's cover with the artist at his home, I got an idea for him to mimic the position of a porcelain bust he had in his kitchen. I snapped a quick photo with my cell phone and the rest was history.
Ceelo Green's 'Gnarly Davidson' 2017 Grammys, album promo.
Scope of project: Conceptualize logo and company vehicle wrap design for local wildlife control company.
Scope of project: Logo and vehicle wrap design concept for mobile, clothing cleaning service.
Scope of project: Conceptualize bottle design & logo for custom, flavored vodka, WÔTËR (pronounced "water).
Alternate product design 3D rendering with etched, flowing water design in a blue frosted top and clear bottom.
Scope of project: Conceptualize album packaging & logo design for independent recording artist, Cassie Holt.
Scope of project: Corporate I.D./ Peel-and-Stick promo sticker design for local, award-winning Beer/Lifestyle Journalist.
Scope of project: Corporate I.D. & merch design for local, award-winning Beer/Lifestyle Journalist. Tools used: Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.
Graphic enhancements of previous submission created using Adobe Photoshop.
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#Product Development

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