The client want an web based internet business, "digital", "ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY" logo, the name is "Atulit" here "2" represent a tree like, so environment friendly message, infrastructure building, "i" represent digital .
dragon 2010
debate logo 2010
consultant logo 2006
kids playroom logo 2009
iconis logo 2007
ebook logo 2009
IT logo 2008
money for housewife logo 2008
lingerie logo 2010
host logo 2009
funny logo 2010
baloon company logo 2007
sports & snaks bar logo 2009
musical store logo 2010
gold marchent logo 2010
bill bonds USA logo 2010
mobile gennie 2010
mega auction 2010
classified firm 2010
logo design 2010
poker logo 2006
flower logo 2006
FSI logo 2006
oil company2007
kids music school 2008
financial firm 2008
Finance blog site launch by 2016
Prakrutkushi, means NATURE FARMING in English. Logo is designed for their organic product business. launched 2018
Logo Design
Freelance, Full-time
Rajib Ganguly
UX Developer, Full Stack Designer Pune, India