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Specially selected poplar was used to build most of this chair.
Adjustable foot rest.
A custom-made bracket system was designed to adjust the foot rest.
Orthographic view made in CAD
Cad drawings were used to understand the mechanics of the adjustable foot rest.
1/10 scale Poster board model
Children's Rocking Chair

Wood introductory course.
This rocking chair was designed for children 4 to 7 years of age.

Two frontal legs reinforced with steel connect the seat and the bottom where the rockers are. The lack of rear legs give a more open and dynamic look to the chair. A two-position foot rest is possible thanks to a custom made steel mechanism controlled by side wood knows.
Likewise, custom made brackets keep the mortise and tenon unglued parts together, this way the chair can be dismantle just by removing the bracket while maintaining the mechanical advantage of mortise and tenon .

This chair aims to bring a visually pleasing piece of furniture to a home and most importantly joy to children who enjoy rocking while reading, playing, or just happily growing up.

Freelance, Full-time
Walter Castro
Industrial Designer | Concept Development | 3D modeling | Furniture... Denver, CO