EASY CLEAN TOASTER - User can easily remove toaster shell to place in dish washer.
SPORTS WEATHER RADIO - NOAA 7 channel weather radio with soft grip insert-molded housing and belt clip on back
LED ALARM CLOCK - As seen on CNN/Headline News commercial to news cast segue. Sold in Target.
Pottery Barn clock radio - This origional Pottery Barn clock radio was designed based on what the Westclox's Big Ben alarm clock of the 1930s would look like if it were a clock radio. Sold in Pottery Barn stores.
LeCreuset wine bottle openers and foil cutter. - Design of wine bottle openers and foil cutter using insert injection molding.
MOTORIZED TOOTHBRUSH. - Children's motorized toothbrush with the first dual rotating brush design. Multiple licensed product figures can be incorporated in the single toothbrush architecture. Other than the design, I also managed the drive train engineering, tooling, and over seas production of this product. Project featured in: Injection Molding magazine, "Putting a new spin on toothbrush design", 5/02, p. 38-40. Product sold in Wal*mart, K-Mart, Target, Rite Aid, etc.
Infant toothbrush - Design Research findings drove the toothbrush design so that both adult and infant can easily grasp handle.
Restoration Hardware toothbrush. - Design based on 2002 bathroom trend analysis.
Product Design
Walter Hargrove
A transdisiplinary collaborator Louisville, KY