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Secret Flawless Product Rendering - A product visualization of Secret Flawless roll on deodorant. I produced this in Rhino & Cinema 4D for a print ad for P&G where the product would be used like a Swiss Army Knife.
Guinness Pint Glasses - This project used 3D to visualize the products for promotion.
P&G Tide Compaction Visual - Modeled in Rhino and Rendered in Cinema 4D, this visual was created for the launch of the new Tide 2X Ultra. I also animated the model and it was used in store on shelf TV's beside the product.
Fix-a-flat 3D Rendering - A 3D product rendering for Shell Penzoil in the USA.
Verano Ceramic Heater, 3D X-Ray Rendering - A side shot rendering of the Verano ceramic heater I designed. I made this look like an X-Ray to show the inner parts. This was going to be used with graphics for the packaging to show how the fan works.
Shopping Trolley Visual - A Bunkspeed rendering of a shopping trolley, rendered in 3 seconds.
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Items that I've modelled using a range of 3D software.

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Will Boswell
Founder/CEO/Designer Bentonville, AR