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Rolls-Royce Motorcars Showrooms - Retail Showroom Design
Rolls-Royce Motorcars - Interior Design and 3D Visuals for the new Global Showrooms
Room Interior - West-End Observatory, Argyll Street London W1.
Walmart Breakroom CAD Plan - An AutoCad file showing the Plan, with Color schemes and the Lighting overlay.
Walmart Breakroom Plan, 3D Rendering - A plan rendering used to demonstrate to the client, the space restrictions and why we could not exceed the number of seats we proposed.
Walmart Stores Breakroom Concept - A 3D rendering of a concept for Wal-Mart Supercenters across the USA. I designed the space, managed the project and produced the visuals.

Combining dining, food-prep areas and vending with an area for rest & relaxation. I proposed removing the existing fluorescent lighting and replacing it with mood lighting and backlit Lumicor resin panels.

I wanted to create a space that was more pleasing to be in, somewhere the staff could own, and with enough style to show that the company cares for them.
WM Apparel Layout Building - Restroom/Toilets/WC concept
Interior Design
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Freelance, Full-time
Will Boswell
3D Designer & CG Artist London, United Kingdom