ARAK KARA - Lebanon

Arak's origin is Lebanon & historically Phoenicia (1500 BC) and it is still the national drink of Lebanon since. Often made from the Marawi and Obaideh grape varieties, a center of production is the Bekaa Valley vineyards. Raw Arak is transparent in color just like water, but when you mix it with water (must be mixed) it turns into a semi-translucent milky color.

Arak is traditionally made of grapes and aniseed (the seeds of the anise plant); when crushed, their oil provides arak with a slight licorice taste.
Arak Kara is a new brand created at 'web and media' studios in Beirut - Lebanon and the 3D Bottle design and modeling by Fadi M. Abul Husen at web and media

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Fadi M. Abul...
3D Designer / Product Designer & Branding Specialist Beirut, Lebanon