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Making Waves - This is a space designed to showcase the brilliant things that have surfaced from surf culture.

This exhibit will feature an extensive perspective on surfing's history, philosophy, its aesthetic and commercial values, as well as a focus on the current movements in technology, environmental issues, and design, all delivered in a package that brilliantly affirms its content.
Making Waves Exhibit Detail
Anubis Chair - Anubis is the culmination of a study of Scandinavian design
principles, and more importantly, their inspiration. In observing many modern pieces, the traces and hints of past and far removed cultures and times continually resurfaces. We can’t ignore the intrinsic nature of our history and its place in everything ‘new’ that we do. No thought is absolutely sui generis, they each rely on a synthesis of experience - which makes each all the more resonant.
Model Self - This space shall invoke a reaction - like writing a piece of my personal history across a viewer's face. The subtle undulations in the built forms are meant to encapsulate and reassure the two-dimensional content, much like the symbiotic nature of our different strengths and skills. Visual perceptibility takes priority over the written word.
On Mars - Hand painted, hand prototyped moulded Rubber bookcover. It took a while to do and everyone wants to touch it. Which is good. But not for the dummy.
Toy Design
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