Elixir (DIY Nano Facial Mask Maker)

Project Elixir is the first to market household DIY facial mask machine that utilizes state-of-the-art nanomization technology to allow consumers to choose natural and/or organic ingredients to make their own facial masks that are optimized for maximum nutritional benefits. Therefore by combining nanotechnology and fresh organics, we revolutionize homemade facial masks by increasing nutrient absorption. This machine has the option to print the gel onto a paper mask or dispense into a jar for your preferred application.
Unlike other DIY facial mask machines, Elixir is the only product that utilizes masticating juicing and homogenization. Combined by NAMI's patented stabilizer gel during homogenization, the nanomized facial mask made by Elixir has skin nutrients in nano-sized range (-50nm in average) and is stable for more than a week. The nanomized nutrients in the facial mask significantly enhance skin permeability compared to non-nanomized ones.

Wesley Tong
Industrial Designer Hong Kong, Hong Kong