HK Style Milk Tea Machine

Hong Kong, 15 Apr 2013, Tsit Wing presents the Pioneering Automatic HK-style Milk Tea Machine stimulating creativity and productivity in the catering industry. Innovative technology produces standard milk tea of premium quality.
Inspired by the concept of traditional HK-Style Milk Tea, our HK-Style Milk Tea Machine deliveres the genuine taste and palate that comparable to authentic manual brewing by experienced tea masters. With easy operation and high efficiency, this machine is equipped with innovative circulation brewing technique which produce 3.5L tea base in a minimum of 20 minutes instead of 25 minutes for 2.2L by traditional method. It runs on the adjustable temperature of water boiling, tea brewing and tea storage and adjustable time of tea brewing and tea storage available for different tea types. In addition, the automatic cleaning system makes it easy to clear up the tanks in one touch of a button.

Wesley Tong
Industrial Designer Hong Kong, Hong Kong