LeBron James Intro Page - The Magalog. Part magazine, part catalog... this high-end marketing material showcases the most sought after athletes and their memorabilia. These designs are the introductory pages to each athlete's product section.
Peyton Manning Intro Page - Using the athlete's signature as a common element, Peyton's neon autograph pop's with team color and gives it a powerful, clean and authentic feel.
Arnold Palmer Intro Page - Arnie's neon sig is a bit more subdued, mimicking the slopes of a green.
Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Catalog Cover - We wanted to create a cover that had a high-end yet classic and nostalgic feel that enticed the reader to check out what's inside. Initially Marketing wanted to highlight actual product. Having a framed product contradicted the look we were trying to achieve. The solution was to use elements of a collage piece that we felt suited Jordan's career. This piece was also inserted into the Chicago Tribune the week of MJ's induction into the Hall of Fame.
Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Catalog
Waldo Ramirez
Designer | Illustrator | Art Director Carlsbad, CA