Fox Self-Promo: Cover - This is a self-promo targeting Fox Head, the world leader in motocross apparel. I targeted Fox because they are a leader in the action sports industry, they bring a fashion-forward style to their gear and I love their attention to the details in all they do. You can tell they are passionate about making great authentic products. I tried to create a promo that displays my vision, skill set and that same passion.
Fox Self-Promo: Logos and Lettering - From a clean, athletic or racing-style graphic to a more organic and hand-drawn illustration, I have the flair to keep things stylish while maintaining the brand image. Now let's take these logos and type treatments and apply them across the brand.
Fox Self-Promo: Core Driven Graphics - Driving the brand with core graphics and having the ability to put a twist in this category year in and year out takes some serious skills.
Fox Self-Promo: The Art of Screen Printing - I possess the expertise to build and separate a design as well as the knowledge of different inks and their personalities. Understanding mesh counts and what drop shadow color works best on dark garments can determine the print quality of the final strike.
Fox Self-Promo: Design Sensibility - A cool type-driven graphic can help inspire a line. To successfully accomplish this you need to have great creative intuition and a sense of what's cool. Here is an example of executing a single graphic into a cohesive collection. Smartly designed, this graphic can easily adjust for multiple colorways, be reworked to create patterns and appliques, or set up for embroideries and patches.
Fox Self-Promo: Graphic Support - You don't just slap on a logo and call it a day. What sets Fox brand apart is no secret. The attention to detail across every product jumps out at you. From woven labels to zipper pulls, I have the talent and vision to raise the level across clothing and accessories to eyewear and footwear.
Fox Self-Promo: Unique Treatments - Too many times you see companies doing things without a real reason. On the black tee colorway the graphic placement and the use of a reflective ink shows off the "Big Air" poses and exemplifies the sport and attitude of Freestyle Motocross.
Fox Head Self-Promo
Waldo Ramirez
Designer | Illustrator | Art Director Carlsbad, CA