Logo Designs: 1. Ultimate Collection, Upper Deck Brand 2. Michael Jordan HOF 3. Tiger Woods Golf Clinic 4. Mark McGwire 70 HR Season 5. LeBron James Collection 6. Baseball Remembers 911 7. Yokozunas 8. Kobe Bryant MVP 9. Reflections, Upper Deck Brand
Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Collectible - This product contains a piece of championship floor from the United Center and a collectible trading card all housed in a custom packaging design.
Logo Designs - To get a closer look at the logos go to... http://waldoramirez.com/latestwork/sports-logo-collection
Logo Designs Applied - Logos and their applications to products. Lakers Back to Back Logo - Laser-etched on autographed basketball - Commemorative Box Set Tiger Woods Collection - Tin Box Set - Framed autographed art print Ichiro's Tribute to 51 - Screenprinted on autographed baseball - Commemorative Box Set
Tiger Woods Golf Clinic - This event has changed over the years, and so has it's branding. Once strictly a corporate event for executives this clinic now includes a variety of clientele including kids and promotional winners. The goal was to create a more fun and playful logo that speaks to the array of attendees.
Albert Pujols MVP Logo - In 2009 Albert Pujols was unanimously voted the National League's most valuable player. To commemorate this event I designed a logo mark that captured the power hitter's signature home run pose. Due to the multiple ways it would be applied, we needed a logo that would be strong as a one, two and three color . The program included limited edition autographed baseballs (pad printed), jerseys (embroidered patch) and bats (laser-etched).
San Diego SoleMates Logo - San Diego SoleMates is a coaching/running team committed to helping train beginning and intermediate runners for all running events. The client wanted to be perceived as a fun, progressive and enthusiastic group that experience the joy of running through camaraderie.
San Diego SoleMates Logo - Playing off the words "soul mates", I designed two "soles" in the familiar shape of the yin and yang to form an "S". The image helps represent camaraderie, harmony and balance. The client wanted orange and blue which helps maintain a sporty and athletic look. Having the logomark totally symmetrical is always a cool plus. Here I took the one color logo and made an animation showing off the San Diego skyline.
Logo Design

Samples of my sports logos and some of their applications. To view more of my sports logos check out my site waldoramirez.com or click the link.

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Waldo Ramirez
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