Kobe Bryant - Pixelated - Autographed Framed Print (19" x 26")
Michael Jordan - Pixelated HOF - Autographed Framed Print (19" x 26")
Michael Jordan - Triptych Chronology - This triptych design shows Jordan's dunk sequence starting from his rookie year and chronologically finishing off his signature move in his prime (images selected by designer Vince Chang). This piece is printed on three separate stretched canvases (22" x 30" each). The center canvas showcases number 23's extra large signature. Limited to 50
Bo Jackson - Transition - Autographed Framed Print (33" x 18") Limited to 100
Albert Pujols - Swing Sequence - Autographed Framed Print (33" x 15")
Manny Ramirez - Mannywood - Autographed Framed Print (29" x 21")
Dwyane Wade - White Out - Autographed Framed Print (20" x 24")
Ichiro Suzuki - ROY Collage - Autographed Framed Print (31" x 19") Limited to 151
Under Armour - Line Look Concepts 1 of 4 - This belt-print design can carry over to other silhouettes, cut & sew and outerwear for a great core line look. They all vary: some 2 color, some 3, some have a texture like the black tee (simple hexagon pattern) to give it a "techy" feel consistent with UA shoes. For the logos- embroidery or more cost effective high-density inks. To show how easily this design can work for licensed apparel, I did a Lakers version.
Under Armour - Line Look Concepts 2 of 4 - Cap designs using the established line look. Two different colorways- one for practice and the other for gametime. Viewing the cap straight on you can see the huge UA logo bleed into the brim of the cap. You can also swap the UA and team logo placements. Go Skins!
Under Armour - Line Look Concept 4 of 4 - More long sleeve mock designs using the established line look with a more "techy" feel to them. These designs use reflective and fluorescent inks for an added functionality.
Under Armour - Line Look Concepts 3 of 4 - Long sleeve mock designs using the established line look. Again a few different variations- black/white/reflective silver, white/hail red/black and my favorite the black/gray/red colorway. I like the way the sides get knocked out by the tapering shape because creates a breaking point for the bottom of the big UA logo... and it looks like it contours the rib bones.
Breaking Through Series - A unique high-end sports collectible that combines autographed art prints with authentic sports memorabilia. This piece displays Albert Pujols and his signature swing with an authentic bat.
Breaking Through Series - Here are other examples using authentic footballs, and basketballs that "break through" these autographed pieces of framed art. Athletes showcased: John Elway, Dwyane Wade and Reggie Bush
Breaking Through (detail shots) - These images show the construction of the various pieces of memorabilia and framing as well as the athletes' autographs. Athlete showcased: Kobe Bryant
the dwp - The Devil Wears Prada (music group) - Talenthouse's T-Shirt design contest. I never cared for their current logotype. It's a straight Cloister Black font with no real customization to it. I wanted to design a mark that stands out and becomes easily recognizable. Also by designing a clean and simple mark, different treatments can be easily incorporated to it. For this graphic I chose to create a treatment that gave a burning, charred piece of bark look to it.
Manny Pacquiao - The Belt Collector Poster - Conceptual poster design that celebrates arguably the greatest boxer of all time. Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao, is the first and only boxer to win seven championship titles in seven different weight divisions. Named "Fighter of the Decade" (2000-2009), he is also the only boxer to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. The imagery of Pacquiao infused with the Filipino flag is inspired by one of his many monikers, "Fighting Pride of the Philippines".
Manny Pacquiao - The Belt Collector Tee - Conceptual design of Pacquiao's historic dominance in boxing, winning seven titles in seven different divisions. The tee is shown as a simulated process separation with tonal belt printing and woven labels stitched on the left sleeve and inside collar. The front lists all the titles won in the flag to help tell the story and support the back graphic.
Waldo Ramirez
Designer | Illustrator | Art Director Carlsbad, CA