Reef Self-Promo: Cover - This is a self-promo targeting Reef, the leading sandal company. Inspired by the surf culture, the beach lifestyle and beautiful women, who wouldn't want to work for such a company! I tried to create a promo that not only used existing product and colorways but also show my diversity in creative thinking and execution.
Reef Self-Promo: Core Driven - The basics. All apparel companies have core products and designs. From season to season the colorways may change and the designs may get a fresh look, but there will always be core pieces that drive the brand.
Reef Self-Promo: Graphic Driven - Taking it further with more graphics and carrying the look through to create collections. Their current site did not have any belt prints or all-over prints in there Tee Shirt section. Maybe there's a specific reason for that so instead of going crazy I created graphics that print across the arm sleeve seams to add something different. With the popularity of belt printed tees I thought it was worth exploring.
Reef Self-Promo: Illustrative - Many designers aren't illustrators. The ones that can draw definitely set them apart from the pack. The tiki head is made up of Reef logos, from the eyebrows to the lei.
Reef Self-Promo: High End Graphics - Trying to display my skills, I wanted to show that I'm not only a director but I can get my "photoshop" hands dirty too. I can be that player/coach role every company loves.
Reef Self Promo: Product Innovations - Not only a designer but a thinking designer. Reef already has the wallet sandal and the bottle opener sandal... so why not? Shades go hand in hand with the surf and sun. Since Reef doesn't make sunglasses I thought this would be a partnering venture. Who makes a better classic Aviator than Ray-Ban?
Reef Self-Promo
Waldo Ramirez
Designer | Illustrator | Art Director Carlsbad, CA