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poster for graphic design thesis
card catalogue drawer - card catalogue drawer I designed and built to house the 1000 scar catalogue card series
Graphic design thesis sample work
poster 2 for graphic design thesis
spreads page 1 - from timeline project
spreads page 2 - these are from the timeline project
book cover - cover of book for timeline project, Graphic Design senior thesis
mapping scars - A humorist approach to an assignment where I mapped the directions from one scar to another
Invisible Cities - semester long investigation into Italo Calvino's masterpiece, Invisible Cities. poster, models and spread from book
idream, ispeed videos - stills from video projects utilizing experimental photography to convey a dream like state and light in motion
posters designed for UIC Publications - Utilizing established design standards developed posters for UIC Medical Center's specific events, seminars
works for Chicago Children's Theatre - banners, postcards flyers and bookmarks created in support of season 06-07 events
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graphic design thesis
Paul Wikowsky
Mr civilian if you please Woodridge, IL