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re-loved seat - found furniture restored to original state (50% at least)
study on the effects of heat/dehydration - based on military charts, this piece deals with the amount of work, water consumption over a set period of time under extreme heat conditions
smallpox wound day 5 - fifth in a series concerning the effects of small pox innoculations and "preventative medicine"
Kuwaiti Triple Sunset - 15' x 6' painting
actual nightly view at Camp Fox Kuwait where there were 3 sunsets every evening
"Announced" - 36 x 48 acryilic on canvas
depicting constant EOD detonations at Camp Fox Kuwait
"Unannounced" - 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas
unnanounced EOD detonation at Camp Fox Kuwait
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sculptures and paintings
Paul Wikowsky
Mr civilian if you please Woodridge, IL