Through interviews on multiple user types, we distinguished the needs for the core audience and supporting user types.
Using an end-to-end user journey, I documented the collaboration of the two types of team member through different types of task, and focused on their need to switch mindsets through the week for the multiple projects they juggle.
Using interactive clickable prototype, I modeled the different user flows for each of the primary use cases we were solving for, giving the target users hands-on opportunity to validate their design input.
The final built platform was called "the difference between night and day" by our main stakeholder, representing the ease of use as well as aesthetic quality of rendering that far exceeded what any other groups at the firm had access to.
Enterprise End-to-End Design

Worked with a government-sponsored enterprise to complete a full redesign of their securitization software, which is at the core of their day to day operations, to allow for more efficient internal communication and faster deal execution.

Freelance, Full-time
Will Budreau
User Experience Architect Orlando, FL