Install it in a boat or spa. Music wherever it's wet.
renderings (Photoshop on Left & Illustrator on Right)
my original rendering (Adobe Illustrator)
the complete product line on line
AQ-MP-5BT Bluetooth Marine Stereo - Waterproof Marine Stereo System
Aquatic AV - Marine Audio Smart-Phone Locker

Through Focus PDM

"Keeping electrical components dry on a boat is not an easy task. We designed the AQ Digital Media Locker to provide a tough, waterproof case to keep your electronic devices dry and working at peak performance whether you’re on the lake, river or ocean. The AQ Digital Media Locker fits all smartphones, including larger models. And it’s simple to use. Just insert your MP3 device, smartphone, iPhone, iPod or USB into the locker, close the door and turn it on. The product features an onboard 288W amplifier capable of powering up to 8 speakers. Now you can listen to your music worry free anywhere you pilot your boat."

Line of 6 Marine (Device-Enclosure) Stereo Systems

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