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so, I did a little Photoshop to celebrate our company culture. I'm the "C"-Monster because my girls were mermaids.
Leading A "Flash Brainstorm" 12/2014
Leading A "Flash Brainstorm" 12/2014
Needs: 1. a collaborative work surface 2. a standing sketch and up-lit light table with 3. tall stools shown 4. under-storage for projects and sketches I designed the standing light table furniture for our work area by sourcing the cabinets and CADing up the proper dimensions. The light table rotates on bearings. A co-worker cut and laminated it. another coworker used aftereffects to make the hologram advet'.
iMeasure Methadone Dispenser
Yes, I was a park ranger at New Melones Reservoir through college until I worked at WAGIC.
Our Product display wall at FocusPDM
Our Product display wall at FocusPDM
our project board. A simple idea that has helped the team visualize their responsibilities. I took the initiative & created this out of necessity to help manage the many projects and new employees.
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Allen Wilson
Industrial Designer in Research, Development and Design @ Blue Marble Medford, OR