Temperature damage during transport can put food quality at risk. The Thermal Temperature Monitor can monitor temperatures at the unit, case, pallet or truck level, or any combination. This product provides a visual indication of temperature changes and lets you know at a glance if products freeze, thaw or get too hot. Featuring wireless RFID technology, the Thermal Temperature Monitor features industry-leading accuracy and insightful data that is designed to save time and expense.
VilaBrush "Ideal for travel or home, the Dispensing Toothbrush offers the convenience of an all-in-one toothpaste/toothbrush product. The brush tip folds down for travel, easily fitting inside a purse or briefcase. To use the brush, simply insert a toothpaste cartridge, turn the knob on the bottom of the device and toothpaste will be dispensed through the bristles. Convenient, easy-to-use and portable, the Dispensing Toothbrush just makes life a little less complicated."
The Pill Caddy is a counter-top pill organization tool that allows the user to “grab and go” with a small pod of medications that they can carry wherever they are traveling. The device holds one month of medications in eight removable pods in the case that are labeled for consecutive weeks and both “a.m.” and “p.m.” The Pill Caddy makes it easy to know what medications to take on what day and at the correct time with each day on the pod clearly labeled and the equivalent information in braille. In addition, The Pill Caddy has features that let you know when a prescription will end and needs to be refilled. And, if you need to remember something specific about your meds or a doctor’s order, there’s a “clipboard” with a pad of paper for notes inserted in the center of the device.
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