I was able to eliminate the need for a clunky adjustable multi-hinged mounting device by giving the camera a nearly spherical form that nested into a hemispherical base. The device was connected through the 3.5mm 4-pole audio plug that was set at a ~45° angle providing the multi-purpose functions of achieving data transfer, power transfer, pivoting camera angle adjustment and clip-in mechanism. On top of that, the camera was shaped into a faceted rhombic triacontahedron so that it could be its own tripod and set down in many orientations and angles.
Motion Study 1
Motion Study 1
CAD from my Concept (not my work)
CAD from my Concept (not my work)
RORY: Clients Seeking Funding 2

See video link below.

My favorite concept utilizes a faceted rhombic triacontahedron as a durable "shoot-wherever camera". The facets can act as a self-tripod but the clever mechanism is an off-set pivoting charge port that allows the camera to point in any hemispherical-direction. Rory is easily removable and can be mounted in many places including your computer's docking station to charge. Video is stored on board and or transmitted to your phone via Bluetooth so Rory can be used with or without a smartphone. Depending on the mount-design the camera hardware ['hedron] can take on a friendly plush form factor that will resonate with Children or a rugged sport-friendly action-ready form factor that will resonate with thrill seekers.

I hope the project gets developed further!

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