CES 2016 Flyer
CES 2016 Flyer
Focus PDM Portfolio Page says, "Helping medical professionals overcome the tedious issues of traditional methadone dispensing was the challenge Focus Product Design took on, culminating in the iMeasure. With the ability to increase safety and accuracy for clinics and patients alike, the iMeasure ensures patients always receive the correct dosage of methadone for each treatment. And with the ability to electronically store patient’s medical records in the cloud, it also ensures patients never receive a double dosage. The iMeasure was designed with a tube-pump system that dispenses entirely by weight, not volume. Measuring solutions by weight effectively eliminates waste and inventory discrepancies, reducing the cost of business for medical clinics. With this caliber of accuracy and control, the iMeasure introduces a streamlined and enhanced way for clinics to dispense methadone."
iMeasure : Medical Dispenser

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Naples Medical website @ http://www.naples-medical-devices.com/


Focus Product Design Portfolio Page @ http://goo.gl/KDW1y3

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