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Coil Mouse - Coil is a mouse designed with appropriate consideration being paid to the ergonomics of three button usage, with an appealing, minimalist aesthetic.
Coil Mouse - Physical Constraints - This project required reverse engineering of an existing, commercially acquired mouse, and developing an aesthetically pleasing new form upon legacy architecture.
Ideation and Form Development - A few of the development sketches, and a clay half-sheet used for final form development.
Final Working Model - A final working model was printed on a Dimension 3D printer from a CAD source I created in Solidworks. The printed model was then finished and painted, and assembled with legacy parts.
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An exercise in reverse engineering and form development. A mouse was purchased, disassembled, and a physical inventory of the required envelope was taken. Upon that, a solid works model was built, based upon sketches, renderings, and a half-clay. The model was printed, primed and finished.

Jonathan Wilson
Industrial Designer Portland, OR