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Aqua plane cd player element. - The Aqua Plane series consists of a pre amp, power amp, cd player, and Aqua Flow.
As you have probably guessed they are all hi end hifi seperates.
The Plane models all use the same design components.
Wheel in Wheel - Wheel in Wheel is a development of float, wheel is able to pull upto six containers of liquid over various terrain.
The pilot sits in a rotating capsule suspended in the centre wheel and is powered using solar cells.
Wheels containers can be carried and dropped from an aircraft and are able to float on water.
The containers can be left in situ where needed by people in populated areas and or remote locations.

S.O.D (Sounded out Dreams) - Sounded Out Dreams is a loud speaker designed for use with the Aqua Plane, and Aqua Flow products.
Produced from carbon fiber composite, sod has four 10inch drivers, it is an active speaker which has a system monitor located on the outside of each outer driver, to measure performance.
The tweeter located at the top of the unit, machined from aluminium there are no cables used on sod, its wireless.

Aqua Flow - Aqua Flow is a development, of Aqua plane.
It has two Aqua Plane amps joined together, to give twice the amount of power.
This would result in a large build up of heat, therefore I designed two chambers which house two propellers to cool the amps.
Aqua flow is wireless so no need for cables.
Aqua Flow workings - Aqua Flow in all its working glory.
Aqua Flow communicates with all the other plane products via bluetooth, note there are no function buttons, only the on / off button .
All is controlled via the remote Splash Lilly, the air chamber is glass, and can be removed for servicing.
Martin Gilbert
Industrial Designer, Product Designer, Concept Designer, Visualiser London, United Kingdom