mao buddy
Job... stop winding me up... - This illustration tee is available at :
illustration - Eating and being eaten? This illustration tee is available at :
getting a new one - This tee is too old.. they are leaving for a new one.. wish them all the best! Update: This tee is ready and for sale at:
Wonderkitten X Pipit -
Dog's have owners. Cat's have staff
Can't we play with something else? - Artwork for K.O Challenge in Pipit forum. Theme: Cute and Humour
The day i dance in a dog's mouth - Wallpaper project for Beutiful junk Event.
Pipit forum crossover project with 45 artist.
Illustration tee for sale (pre-order) - -Preorder price: RM39 (Normal Price:RM49) -Good Quality beige tee (no colour option) -Limited Measurement: Armbit to armbit (in inches) Baby tee: (girl) XS= 14 M= 18 tee: S= 17 M= 19 L= 21 XL= 23 (size might have minor changes)
EmoBo - MangZangEMo
Pol.lutofu - Join 2007 Tofu contest. This is my submission-- Pol.lutofu. He loves animal and nature, but he was born in an already chemically polluted world.
love is around - illustration.
gaston Gaba X Wonderkitten - Crossover artwork with Argentina artist Gaston Caba (Through Pipit Independent Artist group)
U & I - pUtt & pItt I love cats! It's interesting when u have a cat. It's touch when u know they do love u like u do.. pUtt and pItt is about a daily life's story of two cats.
EmoBotz - A series of 12 characters- craeted based emotion expression. These are Wallpaper design for moobile content.
Emobotz - YinEMo (Black) YangEMo (White)
Midnite the fat cat is one of my favorite character design.
Emobotz poster - Superpower of Emobotz come from Emoland in your heart.
2006-2008 portfolio
Wonderkitten Loisloo
Illustrator Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia