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ZEN0 - Collaboration with CREATIVE:

45deg SCREEN
- With large text displays, viewing song info is easy and direct, whether placed on tables or on-the-go.

- One touch button switches to broadcast mode with the ripple-like speakers.

- Familiar navigation, with form akin to a pebble causing ripples of sound waves.
Personal Stereo - Collaboration with Nakamichi:

- Sharp, defined lines to echo Nakamichi’s image as high quality, precise audio equipment.

- Central console is a remote control which also displays CD cover art.
- Console unit slowly sinks into the pool of cyan light as play list
This was an entry to COCIF's design competition "a door to paradise".

It was chosen among 3500+ entries and received mention. It was also exhibited in Triennale, Milan, during the Milan Design Fair 2005.
BACKFlip - Fitness routines are increasingly integrated as
a lifestyle choice, yet most fitness equipment remains mechanical and brutal, jarring out of contemporary home interiors.

The sculptural Backflip proposes an alternate solution where fitness blends into a furniture that sits graciously, in harmony with the home living environment.
Urban bicycle - Designed for the urban environment; offering an attractive alternative to office workers (many travel less than 5km to work), along with typical luggages such as briefcase/laptop.

The customizable carrycase can be detached from the bicycle, and features an internal suspension system to protect delicate equipments from shock.

Being 20% smaller than typical bikes also means that it is easier to park, store and maneuver. Built in locks and lights saves hassle, and gives a clean, hip image.
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