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Parks & Points

Husband and wife travel and National Park enthusiasts, were about to launch a unique blog offering informative points based on travel tips for visiting the National Parks; a first in the industry. It was important to make their brand stand out because they were launching into a crowded travel blog market.

I worked with Parks & Points from the beginning to help establish their presence as a new offering. My intent was to imbue the grandeur feeling of National Parks while infusing their passion for travel and writing. The outer shape of the brandmark represents not only a pencil but also signage one would find in a park or airport. The blue color palette is reflective of the one entity that ties both travel and parks together, the sky. Bold black typography and photography support the core brand message. By creating something special, informative, and modern nostalgic I was completely in line with the service of the blog and experience of the parks.

Freelance, Full-time
Nicholas Wright
Design & Direction New York, NY