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'Vela" - Tech description for scaled rim and tire key chain.
Bottle cap opener spec and design for SNEAUX
Vacuum metalized pvc drip spec for tongue lable insignia
"Metallo" buckle - Metallic buckle closure for boots and bags for the Lugz brand
"Ventilla" eyelet - Basic digital rendering of metallic eyelet for lacing for the LUGZ brand
"Krypta" eyelet - Digital sketch of metallic eyelet for lacing for the LUGZ brand.
"Saturna" eyelet - Digital sketch of metallic/plastic eyelet concept for lacing for the lugz brand
BM OO4 LOGO PLATE - Tech specs for construction of metallic logo plate for "birdman" footwear.
"INJEKT" - Tech description and specs for medial sole foxing stabilizing part.
"CHEVRI" - "CHEVRI" Heel counter rubber extension plate for outdorr boots.
Simple spec description of embossed leather patch with stitched under furry skirt frame construction.
"RINGO" - Clear pvc molded logo plate with colored plastic decal backing base component.
Plate sheet #1 - A compilation of different logo plates and applications for footwear, bags, and belts. Images made for refference and placement of original branding designs on new product line drawings and spec sheets. Lugz brand.
Rubykon sections - Portion of tech mechanical describing sections and dimensions for window and cavity to contain cushion technology and construction in heel area of a midsole.
"POMO" sole - Aspects and partial sections of outsole internal construction for boot outsole.
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Parts and accessories

Technical line drawings and digital descriptions of parts, pieces, logos and footwear components for factories and mold shops.

Ray Wu
Designer. Footwear designer, Illustrator, Painter New York, NY