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FMF DRIVING BOOT COLLECTION - Several original designs and presentation art for a collection of driving, casual and boot hybrid footwear "Flossing", worn and endorsed by car customization wizard and music personality "Funkmaster Flex"
FMF-1 - Original design and spec sheet line art for driving/casual/sport hybrid low cut footwear created to suit the life style of car customization pro and music personality "Funkmaster Flex".This item originated the category denominated as 'flossing"and was the first in a series of upgrades and "follow ups".
TORQUE - Original sketches, tech line art, renderings, and Improvised digital presentation art for performance boot designed in colaboration, and worn by Orange County choppers bike customization celebrity Paul Teutul Jr. Additional graphics, hardware embellishments, and give away metallic keychain tool are also original designs included in graphic.
FMF III - Digitally generated renderings and color cads of original footwear created for car customization and music personality "Funkmaster Flex".
DOT COM REDUX - Renderings and initial presentation board of footwear created for aficionados and personalities of the 'Low Rider"lifestyle.
DOT COM STREAM - Line art for spec sheet, and digitally generated cad of Casual/sport/ boot oxford created for participants of the Low Rider auto competition enthusiasts.
Harvick collection - Pre production presentation board art and original design digital cads of several items of footwear in the proffesional race driving category, for NASCAR racer Kevin Harvick.
Tundra - All terrain hiker jogger performance item. Pre production presentation board for commercialization and marketing.
Landslide/ Armadillo - All terrain strap on sandals line art presentation board.
Bee-strap - hand drawn concept board of strap on sandal items for Urban life style with a work look influence.
Wallaslips - hand drawn concept board of strap on sandal items for Urban life style with a work look influence.
Strider Banda - Design rendition, and digital color cad board of specialty fashion item for aficionados of the Low rider life style.
Cavell - Casual-sport designs in clean spec line art for Royal Elastics.
Cavendish - Urban casual- boat hybrids in line spec sheet art form for Royal Elastics.
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Designs of footwear created for specific activities. Hybrids of diffferent categories to suit the style or performance statements of individuals.

Ray Wu
Designer. Footwear designer, Illustrator, Painter New York, NY