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Halo Club

At the end of the 2013 baseball season, the Anaheim Angels organization were faced with the dilemma a Press club that was showing its age. Complete with rotary phones and typewriters, sound booths, and other unused spaces, along with a very run down kitchen, the space had long out lived its usefulness in the digital age. Despite all this, it had one big advantage. The space, located directly behind home plate on the club level, is famous for having “the best view in all of baseball” and was very popular with baseball journalists.

Ripbang Studios was then tasked with developing and designing a complete concept for a high end shared luxury box concept, getting it permitted, overseeing construction, and opening the space in the span of 5 months, all on a very limited budget.
I was the project manager and head designer on the job, and was involved in all aspects of the project.

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Carl Burdick
Designer and Project Manager with a background in architecture, industrial... Los Angeles, CA