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Recycled Paper Mouse Packaging - The packaging I made was one piece and no glue in it. Consumers can hold it back to home directly from stores. The front part can be lift up by consumers, through which they can view the products and have a good interaction with consumers. We believe that the using of recycled paper materials into electronic packaging will save a lot of resouces for our next generation.
Horsey Muffin - coffee & bakery house
Clean care for life - Logo for Ecolab
Website design
Business card
Cullen Associates Insurance Agency Identity / Storefront Redesign - The identity I designed for Cullen associates is composed of a clover and the name of the business. Four-leaf clovers are known to mean good luck, according to tradition. It brings good luck to the finders, so it is perfect for representing Cullen Associates agency’s overall business. Your Insurance agency should give customers a comfortable feeling and a mental wellbeing that are taken care of and also that they will have good fortune when they work with Cullen and Associates.
Wellness works logo - Logo for the Wellness Center at Iowa State University
Trademark for Beijing
Perfume Product Design - Client: Orange Killer
Person Eating Symbol design - This is a project that using design principles to create one topic of different symbols.
Poster - Cranberry Harvest
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Ceci Li
Designer New York, NY