Creative Block

Being an artist is not easy. You have to deal with different kind of situations and distractions everyday. For me digital art making is a challenge that you have to deal with every time. I think the most difficult one to overcome is having a creative block. It is when you want to make something but can't do anything because your creativity is not working to its normal state.

While I am suffering with creative block this past few weeks, I tried to create something about it and I think it went good. This is a Mixed media art work done in Cinema 4d and Photoshop. It's been a while since I made a Photo-manipulation x Mixed media artwork and I feel like I became too rusty. Anyways, I am trying to play around with lights, colors and the realistic feel.

The person in the image is portraying an artist which has a bag of passion facing his most dangerous enemy. :D

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Joshua Zaragoza
Professional Web and Graphic Designer | Expert Digital Artist san carlos city, Philippines