POPMART NY - POPMART is a fresh new brand for clothing and was born in NY. It is a little bit POP and a little bit MART. Sometimes in a tin can, sometimes in a tea box and sometimes in a whiskey bottle, all the clothes will come in different supermarket packages. POPMART is cool and very popular.
The idea is officially registered. The designs will be continued. For more info please visit www.yasemintekmen.com
PSS SHIRT - Psss-shirt is a t-shirt design process with the patterns you have created.
CONTAINER CRUISE PROJECT - The project proposes a new built environment system. It dwells on the ideas of modular housing, travel, and connects them within the concept of 'container cruise', questioning the settled living systems around the world and our continuously changing global lifestyles.
While the container has been defined as an alternative living space, the fresh idea proposed in this system is to have the container return to where it originally belonged: on the container ship...
For more www.yasemintekmen.com
UPSIDE DOWN - It is a design project involving a different approach to household objects and furniture.
This new family of interactive objects works on an upside-down basis.
A chair is supposed to be for sitting on. When you turn the object upside down, it is not simply the removal of this main function, but its replacement with exactly the opposite of that function, such as a chair built to avoid sitting.
For more www.yasemintekmen.com