PAPER PUNCH - This constructivist style paper punch is from stainless steel and just perfect for office table. It is very strong and tough, whereas it has a delicate look.
BLOOD PRESSURE METER - Using old technology avoids the alienation between the user and the product arised from the high-tech. Big arrow stops at high blood-pressure and little arrow stops at low blood-pressure.
Old traditional way is used to pump the air with bellows.
PATTERN AND TILES FOR ISTANBUL - This team of tiles is an Istanbul souvenir. Specific objects special for Istanbul like Galata Tower, mosques, Akbil are turned into funny kitsch objects
like an umbrella in the shape of a mosque, kettle dressed in belly dance costume and etc. From these drawings a pattern is created and applied to a team of ceramic tiles. The pattern resembles the overlapping and repetitious texture of Istanbul.
If you get one piece of ceramic tile, you will have one piece including many things of Istanbul.
JEAN POCKET - This purse is made from real pockets of a jean. You can use it as its your back pocket of your jean. Whatever you put in your pocket, now can be carried in this jean pocket purse.
DIMMER FOR LIVING ROOM - Love dimmer is designed for domestic use. The most bright mode is during the 'meal time'. Then it dims slowly through 'drinking time', 'seeing a movie time', 'making love time' and finally 'sleeping time' with its off mode.
LOVE OF SALT'N PEPPER - The container of the spice is a balloon and the material which lets the spice to flow is a stopper, which is usually used for clothes.
Salt'n pepper is a passionate sweet couple with its extraordinary look, material and usage.
IZMIR SOUVENIRS - COASTERS - Izmiriz, is a designer souvenir and gift shop located in Izmir. The whole idea and the products are created by me and my work associate.
You can find more products at
FLIP FLAT PUZZLE - Four different mind boggling puzzles on one single board! With FlipFlat s innovative puzzle design you have 4 different images to create in one surface.
With different difficulty levels, it is for puzzle lovers of any age. The four levels of FlipFlat are Beginner, Intermediate Advanced and Experienced.
With its creative design, FlipFlat has all the necessary pieces attached to the surface,
so you won t have to worry about lost pieces.
ALATURCA TOILET DESIGN - Ala-turca Toilet - Graduation Project in corporation with Toprak Seramik.
The design aims to prevent the spring of water coming from the little tap and to abolish the use of little water bucket.
The square floor coverings, the floor basin, the steps and the toilet itself are designed in fitting dimensions with each other.
There are two types of toilets: rectangle set and round set. In each set different types of steps and basins are available.
CREATION DE JASMINE HANDMADE SHOP - CreationDeJasmine is my Etsy online shop. All products are handmade with love, fun and care. They are all original and unique. All items come with their original label.
For more, please visit
Recycled Coffee Table - This coffee table is formed with my old plastic cassette cases. Being a person who collects and saves everything at home somewhere, I turned my old cassettes into a coffee table. It is nice to give a second life to the items that you do not use anymore by transforming them into different products.