fashion boutique-storefront - The client wants to have long windows so that people walk by the store can see what's inside the store. There are clothes hanging behind the windows. They create a screen wall but don't blocl the view through the windows.
fashion boutique-section A - The stairs is in the end of the store, so people have to walk through the intire store to get to the basement to see more clothes. People will see every pieces when they get to the basement.
fashion boutique-section B - The cureve shelves and the curve hangers create different heights, so that people will enjoy shopping more.
fashion boutique-1F floor plan - The client is a fashion designer who likes the color magenta, so I use it on the walls and ceilings. My concept is curvy. The focal point of this store is the left middle part. The curved hangers surround the glass display window, the opening of the hangers is facing the entrance, so people will be drawn into that space.
fashion boutique-1F rcp - There is a mirrored surface on the ceiling, and it creates a very bright space. On the ceiling of the basement, there are clothes spread on a surface interlaced with strings. People can see the clothes from the first floor through the glass flooring.
fashion boutique-basement floor plan
fashion boutique-basement rcp - There are clothes hand on the ceiling of the basement. There are glass floor on the first floor. People can see the clothes not only on the walls but also on the floor and on the ceiling.
fashion boutique-board 01
fashion boutique-board 02
fashion boutique-board 03
fashion boutique-2006