restaurant-exterior perspective - This project is to find a movie shot in San Francisco, and develop a concept, and find a location in the city and transform the original building into a restaurant. My concept is based on the movie, "bicentennial man". I picked a round shaped glass structure building located between Market street and second street. It is originally a trade center.
restaurant-indoor dining - I use white as the basic color. The structures are stainless steel and glass. All the structures and furniture are curve in shape. I think in the future, people will use natural or recycle materials, so I use bamboo as my flooring.
restaurant-outdoor dining
restaurant-floor plan - The kitchen is in the middle part of the restaurant. It separate the indoor and outdoor dining. There are windows so customers can look into the kitchen. I combine bamboo flooring and concrete flooring. There are no hard edges in the design.
restaurant-board 01
board 02
restaurant-board 03
restaurant-board 04
restaurant-exterior-outdoor dining
restaurant-exterior indoor dining
restaurant-indoor dining area
restaurant-outdoor dining area
future restaurant-2006