Survivor, 5x7" • Apr 2019
Weeping cherry tree with milky way background dark fantasy art • nov 2018
a man walks on shore and looks at aurora borealis oct. 2017
created this illustration based on my mood inspired from a photo of the crimson moon above a city dec. 2016
story illustration for book cover digital drawing with Wacom intuos 5
vector illustration for halloween all images are created in Adobe Illustrator
Bonfire, cover illustration, Photoshop. Jun. 2016
Jen's journey - book cover illustration, Mar. 2016
Ripples, personal work, Dec. 2015
unicorn's love, watercolor, 2008
editorial illust
Narrative illustration

Yiska's illustration and cartooning, in particular of book covers and graphic novels.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Yiska Chen
Book illustrator, penciler New York, NY