Iguana 14"x11" cp
polar bear cub watercolor on 11x14.5" hot press 140lb fabriano
lion cub with the cutest expression 11" x 14" 140lbs hot press
11x15" watercolor on 140lb cold press
a sample of painting, 2008
close up
Unicorn's love
Painting - seattle sunset - watercolor on paper coldpress 90lbs 11x14" I traveled to seattle in early 2008, taken photo when I walked down a big hilldown at danny street. I saw space needle at far side, the whole cityscape in sunset made I have a sense of loss. Unforgotten experience in seattle. love traveling I learn alot!
Watercolor portrait - 11.5"x17.5" 140lb hot press use a reference photo
close up
painting process - 11.5"x17.5" 140lb hot press
moretti 11" x 16" soft press traditional white 300lb
stunning smile
mass surveillance leaker custom sized 15" x 13" hot press 30lbs extra white
elvis Presley portrait on 10.75 x 13.25" rough press
kuriyama in dress 1 11x16.5" traditional white 300lbs hot press signed
kuriyama 2 11x15in 300lb hot press traditional white
kuriyama portrait 3 painted by wet strokes
kaneshiro and ocean background size11x14" on fabriano 300lb hp
hirai 11x13" 140lb hot press

Watercolor in portraits and wildlife subject.
paper - traditional white 140lb hotpress/ coldpress
Medium size from 10x14" to 12x16"

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Yiska Chen
Book illustrator, penciler New York, NY