cycling illustration 2 3-color digital drawing
cycling illustration 3-color
swimmer starts in 3-color scheme
world class swimmers compare to water instinctual mammals from Arctic
custom drawing 2. with 2-color theme
custom drawing 1 2-color theme- cyan and gray
draw a businesswoman with trolley case and handbag, a German pinscher and a female with German tradition dress. 2-color, orange (as accent color) and gray
draw a family mother (manager, 40 yrs old), father (pediatrician, 50 yrs old ), daughter (7 yrs old) and granny (approx 80-90 yrs old)
classic character drawing, 12cm tall, brush size 20px
Whiteboard illustration

Digital drawing with solid color rendering as whiteboard illustration, variety of subjects such as people , animal and items.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Yiska Chen
Book illustrator, penciler New York, NY