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a illustration i finished at my sophomore year and now it becomes the cover of my graphic portfolia
2011 Hainan Sunshine Awards Second Price

Aims to design a package being balanced between fast-typed life and constantly improving personalized pursuit, this design bring a new way for personalized coffee making. When people enjoy the coffee, it would also lead people to get taste of life and the passing of time.
With a convenient and delicate life experience for consumers to enjoy a cup of coffee as the guidance, this design offers those who are busy with work and still want to pursue better life a new alternative of mix different proportion of the coffee ingredient to make coffee of their own.
Inspiration comes from tasting coffee experience. Everyone has their own different taste favors, so everyone should have a collocation of the bitter and the sweet of their own. There are Bitter and sweet parts in life, there are in coffee also.
a small fiction story
The inner layer can be adjusted out different rotation angle to match the slots in the inwall of outer layer.

The numbers select a corresponding color as a visual representative which represents taste style.
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Yiyu Leung
newbie 广州, China