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C-THROUGH. Helmet for motorcyclist

Patricio Corvalan (Argentina)
Ratchanon Keawmanee (Thailand)
Yolegmma Marquez (Venezuela)
Kunzhao Wu (China)


The motorcyclist’s helmet, C-through, is the result of a research conducted during the class “Design Lab II” by Professor Alex Lobos, at the MFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology on April, 2014. To each group of students was assigned an element (water, fire, earth or air) and they should determine a situation where that element would endanger the lives of people. The group composed of students Yolegmma Marquez, Patricio Corvalan, Kunzhao Wu, and Ratchanon Keawmanee, worked with the element Water. The situation chosen is “LACK OF VISIBILITY CAUSED BY HEAVY RAIN WHILE DRIVING MOTORCYCLES”.

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Freelance, Full-time
Yolegmma Márquez
Multidisciplinary Designer / Illustrator. Buenos Aires, Argentina