YOHO - YOHO is JVC's new 2.0 multimedia speaker system for young and lively spirited people. The product in use paints the scene of a club where a DJ is playing music. With JVC's newest 360 degree sound spreading system, the speaker becomes an impressive sound sharing system and an affordable work-of-motion graphic digital art. -- http://www.yankodesign.com/product_info.php?products_id=1613
YOHO - The operating mechanism is intuitively easy and fun to use; it assimilates to a club DJ's hand motion. Turn the base band to turn on the device, just like the DJ turns the disk. Increase the volume using a knob on the side of the speaker body, just like the DJ would do. Now with YOHO, a mundane room will transition into a funky club while you are working and partying.
Lighting For You - When people need a flashlight, it's hard to find them because the products are often stored in a random place; therefore, the flashlights are not within the user's reach. 'LIGHTING FOR YOU' is placed on its 'home'. The nightlight function ensures the user will know help is always there all the time even during the night. The form of the product directly speaks about its strength, protection, and tranqility. -- http://www.yankodesign.com/product_info.php?products_id=1252
Lighting For You - It has two different brightnesses, but it also has two different energy sources. By hanging the lantern by its hand strap, the user creates a scene of the classic oil lamp hanging on the wall. This product reminds people not to forget about the romance of the light when it's dark. The simple pushing motion retracts the hand strap. The devide is designed to be used very intuitevly. By turning the whole body around, users can get more obvious visual and tactile cues.
Lighting For You
Smart Bone - Every day, dogs attempt to communicate what they want to their owners, such as wanting to play, go outside, go the bathroom, or when they're hungry. But most dog owners can't truly understand them, so the dog never gets exactly what it wants. Smart Bone is a training system for your dog to communicate through scent; the greatest attribute for a dog's memory. Through repetitive training, ultimately the dog and the owner will communicate using their mutual language, Smart Bone.
Eastar Pill Auto Dispenser
Product Design
Jade Yoo
Industrial Designer Boston, MA