Tak logo - a logo 4 mobile company
Zee Entertaiment Logo - my suggestion
Milan Mela Logo - Considered as the 13th Best logo among 1300 entries from nationwide Milan Mela logo contest (org: WBTPO. GOVT of West Bengal )
ITOLIO Restaurant USA
Dr. Sinha's Logo - Dr. Pradeep K. Sinha heads the National PARAM Supercomputing Facility at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune, India. He is also the Chief of R&D Projects at C-DAC. He was one of the chief architects of the PARAM 10000 and PARAM Padma Supercomputers developed by C-DAC. Before joining C-DAC in 1996, Dr. Sinha was with the Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory of Matsushita Denki in Tokyo, Japan where he coordinated projects in the area of distributed computing systems.
http://aasktek.com/ - Logo for the Tmn2k Inc Doing Business As Aasktek was founded with a passion of enabling customers to gain competitive edge in business through high-quality, cost effective Enterprise solutions. Business transformation is a on-going process due to constant change in customer requirements. We are a partner in managing change and transformation of our customer business by providing enterprise solutions.
Vayu Finance India - A new logo/ brand design for Vayu Finance India
Disha Consultants India - Logo design for Disha Consultants India
FLANCE Groups - FLANCE Groups IT consulting company India and USA
JUST LIKE THAT - JUST LIKE THAT is a product logo, its visual interaction security device
BRS - Logo designed for International Book Retail Service Company USA
Master Education Tool - MET is Online Education Tool for e-Learning system
Class Chic Jewels USA - Logo designed for Class Chic Jewels, USA
Yoga Logo - Yoga Center, USA Logo
ERS logo - logo for a electronic device company
GGCA Logo - logo for a county Cricket Team, USA
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Shivayogi S C
CX/UX/Visual Design Consultant Bangalore, India