Falling Whistles - 2009 - American Rags In Store Display. Falling Whistles is on its way to becoming a Non-Profit Org. They rescue children from the D.Republic of the Congo in Africa. The children are abducted and abused, used as human shields and armed with a whistle to create chaos with the sound. Once the children have been shot by the local Army you can hear the sound of metal whistles hitting the ground. This retail display sells the products and informs the consumer.
Life'N'Death Migration Map 2007 - These peices reflect usage and understanding of knowledge. As well as the directional understanding of an environment.
Now House Rendering - 2006 - This was for a book that was to describe the sustainablr features in the house. The house was in white format and would be disected into its parts of L.E.E.D. criteria.
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Joshua LeMar
Principal at LeMAR Design Los Angeles, CA