Mood Table

This is the project for entering 2016 RSA Student Design Rewards- Creative Conditions.

Design brief:
Creativity is everywhere in the world that we are living now, but it won't always show up when you need it. Children are the most precious existence in our life that is full of creativity. To create a condition for stimulating children's creativity and keeping them open-minded, several keywords such as curiosity, surprise, playful heart, good mood and imagination are necessary.

For this brief, the main focus will be designing an interactive furniture for kids and their family. The targeting place could be home or classrooms. Creating a joyful atmosphere for kids is not the only goal. It is also important to give them chances to share the happiness and communicate with other kids and their parents. With the action of sharing ideas, it may inspire or influence the old thinking and transform it to a new idea. "Share and Transform" will be the key sentence for the whole design brief.

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Kelly (Yu-Shan) Chow
Full-time Student Birmingham, United Kingdom