Mix & Match | Benchair and Stoolight

Local Taiwanese culture and fashion are often presented in mix-and-match ways; what passed down from the colonial periods and the life wisdom of later on residents together structured the unique cities and lives of citizens we see in Taiwan today. In our daily lives, a lot of everyday objects that we take for granted, with the creative combination of the users, can present unique beauty and interesting forms of their own. I sought to develop my designs on the life wisdom observed among the public, discover the creative possibilities of normal objects and integrate them with Taiwanese mix-and-match styles. Eventually I came up with "Benchair", a long bench that transforms in shape and "Stoolight" that is a mix-and-match and round stool, brining new possibilities to the old benches and stools, and enabling the life wisdom of Taiwanese to integrate with aesthetic values and Taiwanese mix-and-match styles.

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Yun-Jen Liu
Luxurious, artisanal leather goods and accessory designer, craftsman, owner of... Taiwan