Walking Calendar

Huggies philosophy implies joy, pleasure, comfort, and freedom of discovery. It allows a baby to walk easily through life, learn about the surrounding world and disregard the "small problems" that might happen. In Huggies' eyes, each baby is an individual, and play is serious business. We had to deliver these messages to an audience related to Huggies brand promotion through the corporate souvenir; more precisely, a calendar.

The goal was to encourage distributors, sales managers, and pediatricians to keep this calendar on their desktops for a year. Thus, we had the challenge of surprising and getting their attention and admiration. As a solution, we created the idea of two cute "baby feet" that move along the calendar pages, imitating the steps and pointing out the current day. This interactive allegory faithfully represents the freedom of movement, the baby's development, and learning processes. Every new day is a step forward.

Yurko Gutsulyak
Print, Identity & Packaging Design Toronto, Canada