Cocktail MAME Arcade - This is a solidWorks rendering of an arcade cabinet I made for a couple of friends of mine who got married. I used SolidWorks to help make parts drawings before I actually started construction. It was also a finalist in the instructables laser engraver competion:
A folding laptop with flexible screen
Nintendo controller re-design - Sketching and model making for just plain fun can lead to great results. Hundreds of sketches and dozens of models lead up to this piece which is visually exciting, and ergonomically superb.
Beetle box - This is how I got started, making exquisite puzzle boxes out of exotic hard woods using fun mechanisms.
Geodesic dome parts - Doing quick renderings of SolidWorks models is so gratifying. These are parts of a proposed geodesic dome toy, to be made from cast RTV.
OPCaTS - one person collapsible and transportable sailboat - One Person Collapsible and Transportable Sailboat. This started as an independent group project, which I ran with when we were officially done with it. I also entered it in a boat design contest and got a respectable honorable mention considering they were looking for new jet-ski ideas.
Bell Sports helmet strap
Blackburn Delphi - exploded view
Assorted images
Willy Yonkers
Industrial Designer Rochester, NY